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Never Seen, Never Been – The Song!

The members of Guideposts Hub in Stroud love their pop music. From Shakin’ Stevens to Bananarama, Kim Wilde to The Pet Shops Boys, you can probably tell their era of choice! So, when the idea of writing a song and having it recorded professionally came up, the Friday social group jumped at the chance.

The Never Seen, Never Been funds enabled them to spend a day at the wonderful Music Works Studios in Gloucester, where they were privy to all the same equipment and opportunities offered to famous artists. It was a joyous afternoon of music-making, and it culminated in the recording of this awesome song.

Listening to the Never Seen Never Been song

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Who wrote the song?

The lyrics to the song were written by the group, with staff support, over the course of six weeks. Each verse depicts what is important to an individual group member, their loves and their aspirations.

Team Leader Rob Clucas-Tomlinson initially wrote the melody on his guitar, and the amazing production team at The Music Works Studios brought the whole thing to life, helping to turn it into the full work that is being released this summer.

The Song Lyrics

You and me
Burnham on Sea
I love Mhorag
And Mhorag loves me

My tattoo
Looks like new
It says mum
It says dad too

Mississippi river, Eifel tower
Dreaming of places to be
The whole world over
Is a sight to see

Sky Sports News
Football tops
Naked Attraction
And charity shops

Burger in a bun
Driving in a car
Nursery rhymes
And twinkle little star

Never seen,
Never been
All the places
You can dream

Let’s do the things
We’ve never done
Every day

I like chips
Licking my lips
When I smile
The sun shines a mile

Sunshine hikes
I’m a fan
Of Rag n’ Bone Man

Never Seen, Never Been

Guideposts group recording their song ‘Never Seen, Never Been’

The Never Seen, Never Been campaign helps fund life-changing experiences for people with learning disabilities. Guideposts has long sought to ensure people with disabilities enjoy the same opportunities so many take for granted. Through our campaign, we can help people with disabilities to live life the way they want to.

How to support our Never Seen, Never Been campaign.

All donations will go towards ensuring that the Never Seen, Never Been fund continues to offer people we support with incredible opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Future Plans

Our future plans include a trip to Kew Gardens in London, a bespoke art session at The Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham, and a tour of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Longer adventures, too, perhaps as far as France, are definitely on the table.

The Never Seen, Never Been fund allows us to dream a little harder than before, and the potential for what we can achieve for Guideposts members is exciting. With your help, we can push the boundaries of equality and inclusion for adults with learning disabilities to a whole new level.

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