About Us

“Guideposts is a people centred charity, we care passionately about the communities we serve. We exist to ensure that people can be connected to their community and feel part of society.” Matthew Jones – CEO – Guideposts

Guideposts is a UK-based charity working with people in local communities to help them access the support, opportunities and skills they need to overcome social inequalities, improve their wellbeing and change their lives.

We run a range of services that are focused on helping people to achieve their potential regardless of their circumstances. We connect people together so that they can experience the joy that comes from friendship, activity, learning, purpose and occupation. We love what we do and we love seeing people flourish.

Many of the people we support come from the most disadvantaged groups in our society, including children and adults with additional needs and disabilities, people with mental health problems, older people with dementia and other neuro-degenerative conditions, and the families or carers of all these groups. We believe that all people should be equally valued and have an equal chance to live the best life possible, that is why we do what we do.

Together we are the Guideposts community, helping each other to achieve better wellbeing.

The charitable funding we receive helps us to run crucial services, such as:

Guideposts Connect – Friendships groups and specialist sessions.
We run local group sessions which help people connect with their communities, in addition to a rapidly growing number of online sessions. These sessions bring people together into a fun and friendly environment that leaves them feeling supported, part of their community and less isolated.

Guideposts Hubs – Activity day opportunities for those with additional needs.
These Hubs work with people with complex needs on a weekly basis, over a long time period. We currently operate 6 different hubs focused on supporting those with learning disabilities, mental health problems and dementia.

Guideposts Information & Support –  The Guideposts Information and Support service exists to give our community a person to speak to and help them through any challenges they are facing.

Guideposts has 77 staff looking after our community, working in 12 different locations and running over 45 sessions a month. We support over 840 people each month, providing over 8,500 hours of support.

We have been serving our communities for almost fifty years, and in that time we have adapted to the needs of our communities and the changes in our society. Some of our services are paid for directly from the local authorities, but many of the programmes we run are funded purely from kind donations from the public – as a Charity we rely on these donations to keep helping people. We really appreciate every donation made and ensure that it is spent very wisely to provide our community with the help they need.

Jane is the full time carer for her son, who has autism and her husband who has dementia. She has seen a huge improvement in her son’s outlook on life since attending our outdoor gardening programme, and has received support herself from our Dementia Carers Groups. She said that:

 “The services that Guideposts provides are a crucial part of our support network. The team is amazing and they go above and beyond to help my family. For people in my situation, life can sometimes be overwhelming, but knowing they have the support of the Guideposts community makes a real difference.”

We are working towards a future where our whole community has an equal chance to find acceptance, a sense of belonging, positive relationships, meaningful occupation, good education, enriching work and a safe home, but until that happens we are there to help.

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