Support line: 0800 048 7035 (Open 9:00am-5:00pm weekdays)

About Us

Guideposts is a charity that supports people living with long term conditions, disability, or caring responsibilities to improve their mental health and wellbeing and feel included in their local communities.

Set up in 1972 in Witney, Oxfordshire, we provide in person services across Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire alongside virtual services which allow people to connect anywhere. We also run a support line which offers information, support and signposting.

Our work:

  • Helps people make friends
  • Feel included in their local community
  • Improves emotional wellbeing
  • Provides learning and training opportunities
  • Helps people find a sense of purpose and know their value
  • Provides information, advice and guidance.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support people living with mental health problems, disability, or caring responsibilities to have a better quality of life by enabling them to strengthen their emotional wellbeing and be a part of their local communities.

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To read the full story of our history please download our PDF.