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Tell Us Your Views

Feedback is vital to our efforts to continually improve the services we offer at Guideposts. This page explains how you can leave feedback.

Compliments, comments and concerns (informal complaint)

Feel free to talk to our staff, contact us by phoning Guideposts at 01993 893560 (or phoning your local service directly) or emailing us at tellusyourviews@guideposts.org.uk.

Formal complaints

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you can:

  • fill in our Guideposts Complaint Form 
  • contact us by post at Guideposts Trust, Two Rivers, Station Lane, Witney, OX28 4BH
  • contact us by phone at 01993 893 560
  • contact us by email at tellusyourviews@guideposts.org.uk 

What happens next?

We will seek to investigate any complaints within 20 working days (28 days) and you will receive a written response advising of the outcome of your complaint.

Appeals from complainants will be dealt with within 18 working days (24 days). An appeal investigation report will be heard by a small complaints panel consisting of two Trustees, the CEO and an independent person. Their decision is final and will be communicated back to the complainant who will be informed of where to escalate their complaint if they are unhappy with the outcome.

Your information

We will keep your complaint and information you provide us with confidential unless it concerns a safeguarding issue – in which case we will implement our safeguarding procedure and policy.

More information about our Tell Us Your Views Policy can be found here or in Easy Read here.