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The support Guideposts provide is a lifeline for those with a disability, mental health issue, dementia and for carers.

The Pandemic has been tough for many of us, but it has been so much more challenging for the people we support.

The world is already a confusing and often difficult place to navigate for many of our members, and our services provide them with much needed understanding, routine, and reassurance, which is intrinsic to their, and their families wellbeing.

Without the usual support structure in place, the pandemic left many members facing disconnection, isolation, and poor health and wellbeing. Families and carers had to deal with difficult and complex needs with no opportunity for a break or any form of respite from 24/7 caring. The situation could have been hard and relentless for many, had it not been for our service teams’ determination to constantly meet their needs.

As we transition into a new normal, we are experiencing a significant rise in requests for our help, and we really want to help. We want to be able to support their needs, whether face-to-face, over the telephone or online. To achieve this, we require ongoing financial support and are very grateful for all donations received.

Your donations will help us support the most disadvantaged in our communities by:

  1. Increasing our support for people experiencing challenging mental health issues. Guidepost Information & Support Service ( 0800 0487035 ) has been an essential support service for any person experiencing concerns, anxiety, and complex challenges during lockdown. We’ve supported 40% more people over the Pandemic and plan to continue increasing the capacity of this service to enable us to provide more one to one problem solving coaching for those with intricate and complex needs. 
  2. Supporting community groups according to their needs. The prolonged health crisis and disruptions to services have been very disconcerting and stressful for the people we support; putting them at risk of social and occupational deprivation, isolation and loneliness which, if left unsupported, can adversely affect their health and safety, with a significant knock on effect on family carers.
    In response, we have developed and will continue to adapt a blend of face-to-face and remote support intervention (1:1 and group video conferences, welfare calls, home activity packs) that help ensure the needs of disadvantaged community groups are met as flexibly as possible.
  3. Continuing to expand activities at our day opportunities centres. In our centres we care for those with acute needs and give valuable respite for carers. To respond to the recent increase of around 45% more referrals, we plan to broaden our offer with a wider range of support including outdoors, residential and respite activities.

The emotional and practical support we give is all made possible by your kind donations. None of us know what the future will bring, but with your support Guideposts will continue to be there to help our community through the good times and the bad.

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About Guideposts

Guideposts is there to support people living with mental health problems, disability, or caring responsibilities to have a better quality of life by enabling them to strengthen their emotional wellbeing and be a part of their local communities.

Set up in 1972 in Witney, Oxfordshire, we now provide in person services across Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire, alongside virtual services which allow people to connect anywhere. We also run a national support line ( 0800 0487035 ) which offers information, support and signposting.