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We’re on a mission to make festivals inclusive to everyone – regardless of disability. Launching in 2022 at Witney Music Festival, FestivALL provides a safe space for people with autism, anxiety or learning disabilities to enjoy the festival with friends.

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Why we launched the FestivALL campaign

We believe everyone should have access to the same opportunities, regardless of the disability they have. But most festivals tend to be inaccessible to people with a physical or learning disability. It can be hard to navigate the crowds or find a space for some downtime. Many of the people we support have told us that they have never been to a festival before.

We want to change this by working with festival organisers to provide an area exclusively for people with disabilities – an area we call FestivALL.

How FestivALL works

The FestivALL space is a VIP area within a music festival offering a place to enjoy the event in a comfortable environment. The FestivALL space includes:

  • A dedicated, wheelchair-accessible viewing platform so that you can see over the crowds to the main stage.
  • Fun and engaging activities to take part in through the day
  • A chill-out zone for those who want to take a break from the music
  • An accessible toilet block
  • A free festival bag containing essential festival gear

A team of staff and volunteers are available throughout the day to help, with a dedicated safeguarding lead, fire marshal and first aider available at all times.

Plan of a FestivALL area
Plan of a FestivALL area

The Launch – Witney Music FestivALL 2022

Our launch at Witney Music Festivall 2022 was a huge success and enabled many people to come to a festival for the first time in their lives.

Each person who attended was provided with a free FestivALL bag with essential festival gear. The viewing platform was the most popular area, enabling attendees to see over the crowds and get an unobstructed view of the main stage.

All in all, over 60 people with disabilities and family members came to enjoy the event!

“We could not have been more excited and relieved to have the experience we had. Sophie immediately felt safe and secure. As a mum, I am forever thankful for the experience and the memories it has made for us.”

Click here to read more about the festival, and check out the pictures of the event below:

Our plan for the future

Following the success of the FestivALL area at Witney Music Festivall 2022, We’d like to bring FestivALL to festivals across the country.

This will involve working closely with festival providers to design a suitable area, then fielding a team of staff and volunteers to manage the space during the festival. We will need to invest in reusable equipment and structures to make the FestivALL area safe and accessible, every time.

How you can help

If you agree that festivals should be more inclusive, there are lots of ways you can make that happen!

Donate to the campaign

Any donations you make will go towards employing an event coordinator to work with festival providers across the UK. Our aim for 2023 is to bring FestivALL to all of the areas that we currently operate in.

Donate to FestivALL now

Become a FestivALL volunteer

Volunteering at FestivALL is not just rewarding – it’s really good fun! You’ll meet lots of new people and will play an important role in ensuring that people with disabilities have an unforgettable experience.

Click here to register your interest in volunteering for FestivALL

Know any local festival organisers?

If you are involved in organising a music festival in your local area, or you know someone who does, please get in touch with us at fundraising@guideposts.org.uk.

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