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Making Connections From Home

Making Connections From Home

There are now lots of ways to connect with others from home, thanks to the recent explosion of services and social groups on the internet. Even if you don’t feel confident with the internet, there are phone-based groups you can join. Use this page to find ways to make connections – whatever your interests.

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Chat & make friends

Services which call or email you for a regular chat

Forums for over 65s and for a range of health conditions

Meet new people through messaging or voice chat

Write to someone on the other side of the world

Get creative

Online courses to join, resources, and creative mentors

Concerts, choirs and plays you can watch or take part in from home

Free lessons, resources, and places to find a tutor

Coming soon

Online courses to join, resources, and places to share your work

Stay active

Free instructional videos and live classes to follow.

Learn something new

Learn anything online for free or join a program with others and get a qualification.

Find a tutor online, practice with a native speaker, or make use of free resources.

Computer Programming

Free resources and online communities to help you learn to code

Expand your horizons

Join a virtual book club or watch someone read a story live

Virtual tours of famous landmarks & wildlife webcams available year-round

Improve your gardening skills and photography and promote British wildlife

Play games

Play your favourite games with friends or with other people around the world.

Support & activities for…