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Where there’s Cake and a Chat, there’s Hope!

10-16 June 2024

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Help us celebrate friendship on Loneliness Awareness Week by getting together with family, friends or those around you for the simple joys of a cuppa, a piece of cake, and a chat.

As members of our CONNECT groups will tell you, meeting up over a cuppa makes a big difference to their wellbeing, and gives hope.

There are a few ways you could join in:

  • Have a Cake and Chat party, invite a few friends or people in your community to get together.
  • Hold a Bake Sale, to collect donations for cakes, or a chat!
  • Both!

Collect donations at your event and make a big difference to people living in isolation.

You don’t need to be a Star Baker to join in – all types of cake count!

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Tips for your Connect with Cake Event

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here are a few tips to make sure your event is a great success.

Start with deciding if you’d like to hold a cake party to invite specific people, or if you’ll have a bake sale, or both!

  1. Involve others. Ask a few friends and family to bake or bring something to contribute, or to host the event together with you. Many hands make light work!
  2. Keep the invite simple. Whether sending personal invitations or advertising your bake sale, make sure people know when and where to come, and can reply with a simple yes or no.
  3. Label your cakes. Suggest a donation amount for each item, and make it clear if any contain allergens like wheat, dairy, and nuts.
  4. Chat counts too! Don’t forget to suggest a donation for a chat.
  5. Share the left-overs. If you have plenty left at the end, bundle up mixed selections and ask for donations for each bundle. You could even raffle or auction them off!
  6. Have fun! Remember to spend time with people, and remember that every penny donated will help to reduce isolation in our local communities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries along the way. Email or call 01993 899 983.

How does Guideposts tackle loneliness and isolation?

Guideposts works with people in local communities to help them access the support, opportunities, and skills they need to overcome social inequalities, improve their wellbeing and change their lives. We connect people together so that they can experience the joy that comes from friendship, activity, learning, purpose and occupation.

This can be through our dementia-friendly CONNECT social groups, in day services for people with learning disabilities, or in our community mental health services. For many of the people we support, coming to their Guideposts group each week is the only time they see others.

Gill told us “I became very anxious and depressed over the last few years. Since attending Guideposts’ groups I have felt so much better. I no longer need antidepressants or sleeping pills and I’m back on track with my family”.

How can collecting for cake help?

£30 can provide 2 months of refreshments for a Guideposts Connect group, combatting isolation in our communities.

£100 can buy ingredients for 12 weeks of our healthy cooking classes.

Send donations

To send in the money you have raised after your event please use this form. Alternatively, you can send us a cheque, or call us to pay by card over the phone.


Gift Aid

Please note that you can only Gift Aid donations made by you personally. If you are sending money on others’ behalf you cannot complete the Gift Aid declaration.

I want all donations I’ve made to you in the past four years and all donations in future to be treated as Gift Aid donations until I notify you otherwise.
I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference.
We will claim 25p on every £1 you donate.

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