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Staff assisting people with cooking in Guideposts day services

Tackling the Cost of Living Crisis

How the cost of living crisis affects the people Guideposts supports, and how we can deliver support tailored to our members’ needs.

Guideposts members smile and chat at a table.

Are Dementia And Loneliness Linked?

Older people are very vulnerable to loneliness and isolation. This can have a serious impact on both physical and mental...

Photo of a Guideposts group talking at a picnic table

What Happens When A Mental Health Condition Can’t Be Cured?

While many of us will struggle with our mental health at some point in our lives, for the majority, with the right support and treatment, we will make a full recovery. Most of our mental health system is based on this assumption.  But for a sizeable minority of the population living with an incurable mental health condition, the picture for mental health support is very different, and often insufficient.  


Why You Should Remember A Charity In Your Will

05/09/2022 Has a charity ever helped you or someone you love? Chances are, at some point, your life will have...