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A Christmas Thank-You Letter

As we write our Christmas thank-you letters this year, one of ours goes to a great local company.

At Guideposts’ Stroud Community Hub just before Christmas, we received some amazing gifts from local appliance specialists Gillman’s.

Gillman’s had already supported us in partnership with Fisher & Paykel, who donated the star prize for our Sizzling Summer Prize Draw earlier in the year. When they came to meet our service members at the Stroud Community Hub and heard how some of our appliances were reaching the end of their life, they were quick to offer replacements.

Christmas Presents from Gillman’s

We have now said goodbye to our old fridge, that was struggling to keep our milk for tea and coffee as well as members’ packed lunches at a safe temperature. In its place we have a sparkling new one!

Our hob and oven were also well passed their useful life, and Gillman’s have offered to replace those as well. 

It’s not just electrical goods, because they are also putting us in touch with some friendly transport providers to arrange summer excursions for our Hub members next year.

To top it all off, when Lee Gillman himself visited to draw the Hub’s Christmas Raffle for us, he brought a beautiful kettle to add to the Raffle prizes. The winner of the prize was absolutely delighted.  

Family company with a personal touch

Gillman’s is a family-run business established in Gloucester in 1969.  Still owned and directed by members of the Gillman family, they have certainly shown us their personal touch and how they care for their local community.

Many thanks for your generosity, Lee and all the Gillman’s team.  We are truly over the moon, and hope you will continue to enjoy being involved with Guideposts in 2022 and beyond.

Wishing you a prosperous new year.

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