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Full Steam Ahead!

All aboard the Asparagus Express! Guideposts Dig ‘n’ Grow members spent a special St George’s Day on the Asparagus Express Steam Train on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway!

Dig’n’Grow supports adults with additional needs, disabilities, and mental health issues. We help to develop their confidence, self-esteem, social skills, and skills around the garden.

There had been much anticipation and excitement for weeks for the upcoming trip. When our members were finally on the station platform waiting for the train, there was a buzz in the air and a great sense of camaraderie.

The group started to sing along to a guitar player on the platform, as they were so enthusiastic, he decided to come on the trip with them! He wasn’t planning on going on the train but ended up joining them for the whole day, playing songs throughout the whole train journey! It was such a lovely thing for him to do and created a wonderful atmosphere.

When the group heard the train arrive with a gentle chug of the engine and billowing clouds of steam, it set the stage for a great day. There was a great sense of adventure, and a visit from St George and the Asparagus Man to their cabin, really added to the day. 

St George visiting Guideposts on the Asparagus Express.

A visit from St George”

“I’ve never been on a train before. It was my first trip on the train, and it was a lovely environment. I chatted to everyone, singing lovely songs.” Guidepost Member

For many of the members, the Asparagus Express presented a rare opportunity to step into the world of vintage steam trains and revel in the magic of railway adventure. Every member participated fully in the journey, free from any limitations.

Guideposts Dig 'n' Grow on the Asparagus Express steam train, with thanks to Never Seen, Never Been.

“Dig ‘n’ Grow smiles on the steam train and the maestro guitarist”

Eating their packed lunches and a slice of Victoria sponge cake on the steam train, while staring out the windows to the beautiful spring day in the Gloucestershire countryside was a wonderful moment. The scenic landscapes and quaint villages passing by, it was lovely to be able to watch these from the comfort of the train carriage.

The day was a once in a lifetime trip and the memories will stay with our members forever. A number of our Dig ‘n’ Grow group are steam train enthusiasts, and the trip was something they had dreamed of since being a child.

“I like going on trains. I like the steam engines. And I like it. They’re my friends. They’re my favourite.” Guideposts Member

As the Asparagus Express returned to the station, our members disembarked with smiles that lit up the platform. Their faces beaming with the joy and enchantment of their magical once in a lifetime steam train adventure.

Guideposts Dig 'n' Grow next to the Asparagus Express steam train, with thanks to Never Seen, Never Been.

The Asparagus Express”

This trip was possible thanks to supporters of our Never Seen, Never Been campaign. A huge thank you to everyone who donated. You can help us create more meaningful opportunities for people with learning disabilities, by supporting our Never Seen, Never Been campaign.

Never Seen, Never Been makes special experiences possible for people living with learning disabilities. A small donation can change lives and helps with our mission to make sure no-one with mental health challenges, learning disabilities or dementia is left behind.

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