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Emotional Wellbeing Pathway

Emotional Wellbeing Pathway

Guideposts Emotional Wellbeing Pathway (EWP) can help you come to terms with changes in your life, identify what’s not working, or things you want to achieve.

Structured coaching can help you take action to make changes and boost your wellbeing.

Current Status: We are arranging meetings over the phone and in person, as fits your situation best.

About the Emotional Wellbeing Pathway

We work with you to assess your emotional needs or life aspirations (small or large) and help you to identify goals and actions to achieve better wellbeing.
The emotional wellbeing pathway uses a solution-focussed approach that enables you to make a measurable difference to your emotional wellbeing.

The Guideposts Emotional Wellbeing Pathway includes: 

  • One to one session(s) with a Guideposts wellbeing coach. This can be face to face, over the telephone, online, or a mixture of all depending on your situation  
  • Coaching about your essential needs and enabling you to meet them in an appropriate way  
  • Developing skills to manage your emotional wellbeing  
  • An action plan designed with you to support your pathway to wellbeing
  • Signposting and information about other opportunities or services that might help you, other family members and/or a person you care for.

Initially 1 to 4 sessions are advised, and can be extended according to circumstances.

conversation in a quiet space

In my own lived experience, to walk side by side with someone with whom I trust, feel I can share virtually everything about my past and how that affects how I feel and see the world today, is beyond measure.  

Who can we support?

The Emotional Wellbeing Pathway is open to anyone and can help with a number of issues, such as coming to terms with changes in life. We can also help people struggling with anxiety or depression, those looking for more support in their caring role, and people wanting to explore their personal growth, develop self-knowledge and personal strengths. If you are a carer this could be part of services offered by local support organisations such as Gloucestershire Carers Hub.

Why should I join? 

We will support you in a safe and confidential environment, listening to you without judgement and supporting you to achieve wellbeing in a way that suits you.

Key Info

Contact number: 0800 048 7035

Email: gis@guideposts.org.uk

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“Support is very much person focussed and decision making is a collaborative process.

It encourages self-dependency and autonomy, offering impartial perspectives which support self-empowerment.”

How to find out more?

Please get in touch if you’re interested in the Guideposts Emotional Wellbeing Pathway. We’ll arrange a time to meet or talk on the phone, when you can ask any questions and we can discuss how to best support you.

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