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Online Zoom Groups

Online Zoom Groups

During the Covid-19 pandemic some of our groups have moved to meeting up online, and we have also created some new online groups. 

These groups are open for you to join, to connect with others from home and share your experience with others in a similar situation.

All are welcome, even if you haven’t been to Guideposts groups before.

What groups are available?

Caring for Carers

A chance to catch up and share mutual support with other carers in this challenging time.  Our friendly group welcomes unpaid carers of people with all sorts of conditions including mental ill health (eg bipolar or schizophrenia), autism, and dementia.  It is an opportunity to offload issues, share each others’ coping techniques and find solutions together.  

The group started as our ‘in person’ carers groups in south-west Hertfordshire, and now includes some of our monthly dementia carers group members. Other unpaid carers are also welcome.

When? 4-5pm (weekly) on Wednesdays

Guideposts Dementia Carers Group

Carers and anyone with an interest in dementia is welcome to our monthly meetings. We invite a speaker to share their knowledge on a particular aspect of dementia with the group, and after their talk everyone has the chance to ask questions and share their own ideas. You can expect information and support from Guideposts staff and other carers as well as friendliness and humour!
See more about this group and the next talk here

When? 3-4.30pm on the first Thursday of each month

Aspirations and Keep Calmers

Our group for anxiety experiencers and people with Asperger syndrome meets weekly for a chance to share experiences with others in a friendly group.

We usually start with a presentation, and look at how we can improve our lives in a structured way using goal setting. You can choose whether to put your video on, how much to contribute, or to just listen of you prefer.

The zoom group came about as a combination of two ‘in person’ groups Aspirations for people with Asperger syndrome, and Keep Calmers for anxiety experiencers – hence “Aspirations and Keep Calmers”.

When? 1.30-3pm on Fridays

OCD Experiencers Support Group

A chance to talk through your experiences and get support from others in the group as well as the group coordinator. As the changes in the world at the moment it affect how we live profoundly, we share thoughts and strategies on how to navigate our way through it.

When? 3-4pm on Mondays

Art & Start

Anyone with an interest in appreciating, discussing and creating art is welcome to join this weekly group. Our online activities have included watching video demonstration of painting skills, virtual tours of galleries, and sessions almost always include creating a piece of work, perhaps based on a particular skill or image that we look at first.

You are welcome no matter your level of art.  All you need are some materials to draw or paint with, and a screen with zoom nearby. Many of our group use watercolour or acrylic; anything that works in 2-dimensions and you can use where you are would work well.  

When? 10-12.30am on Wednesdays

“Tea and Biscuits” light-hearted fun

We all need a little fun in our lives, especially at the moment, so join us with a cuppa to catch up and share some lighter moments. We might have a quiz or game, or watch a short film together.

We started this group at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis for all of our service users who wanted to join in with a regular contact and some fun.  All are welcome, even if you haven’t been to a Guideposts service before.

When? 2-3pm on Tuesdays


Led by expert practitioner Bina, our classes are open to all ability levels and are a gentle way to stay fit, and a great way to de-stress and relax. A way to improve both your physical and mental health!

When? on Tuesdays, Women’s yoga 11.30am-12.30pm and Men’s Yoga 1pm-2pm

Breath Work (pranayama)

Concentrating on your breath with gentle exercises helps you to calm your mind, and our participants find it helps them with their overall wellbeing. Bina will give easy to follow instructions, making this accessible for all.

When? 11am-12pm on Fridays


Struggling with stress or anxiety? Our popular relaxation sessions help you to feel calmer and more positive about the week ahead. Each session involves a friendly chat and a 30-minute guided meditation. We learn a range of relaxation techniques then practice them – it takes time to work!

When? 11am-12pm on Mondays

Music Appreciation

A group for listening to a wide variety of music from all genres. Discover new music, and find out how different music affects you.

When? 2-3pm on Thursdays

Better Connected – make friends no matter where you are!

We have lots more zoom groups on Better Connected, a social club for anyone with autism or learning difficulties. We organise online events throughout the week, local meetups and a monthly community magazine!

Find out more about Better Connected

Key Info

Groups Coordinator: Lin Fellows

Contact number: 01923 223554 / 07917 494286


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How to join

Please get in touch if you’re interested in coming to one of these groups. We will arrange to have a chat on the phone, before we send the zoom meeting codes.