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Better Connected

Better Connected

If you have a learning disability or autism, the Better Connected scheme can provide you with social opportunity and activities throughout the COVID-19 restrictions.

We can offer:

  • a lively calendar of virtual events where you can meet people
  • regular 1:1 phone calls with one of our team
  • personal activity packs sent to your home

How Better Connected works

Better Connected is a service for any adults with a learning disability or autism feeling isolated. We can offer different services to help you stay social and active – whether it’s a regular phone call or an activity pack sent to your home.

Who can join?

Better Connected is open to any adult (aged 18+) in the UK with a learning disability or autism. You don’t have to be living in a county where one of our Hubs is located to join!

Why should I join?

By joining Better Connected you can make friends, learn new skills at home or just have something to structure your day while stuck in the house. You’ll be joining a friendly, safe community, with a dedicated team of staff to support you to make friends.

Key Info

Where: Online, over the phone, or in your area

Contact number: 01993 893 560

Email: betterconnected@

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What we can offer you

Personalised activity packs

Beat the boredom with our handmade activity packs delivered to your door! Our regular activity packs contain games, puzzles, and challenges for you to do at home on your own or with the people you live with.

Virtual social groups – online or over the phone

We run a busy calendar of events each week over Zoom. We can help you set up Zoom on your computer, or alternatively just dial in from your home phone or mobile! We run a variety of groups, from photography to gentle exercise classes. If you want take part in something different, let us know and we’ll see what we can organise!

1:1 phone calls

Just want to have a natter? We’ll match you with one of our team or a volunteer to call you at a regular time each week.

“It has been a difficult time, but having a chat for an hour with Guideposts each week has really helped because they really understand our needs and how hard it can be”

How to join

You can either sign up yourself or refer someone else to Better Connected

We’ll get back in touch within 3 working days to arrange a call. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the service, and choose which activities you want to take part in. Finally, we’ll arrange another call to help you get set up digitally if you want to join our virtual groups and need support.

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The Better Connected page on Facebook brings you new activities each week that you can do from home, as well as discussion groups and Zoom chats you can join!