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Better Connected at Guideposts. Online meetings for Guideposts Members.

Better Connected

Better Connected

Make friends no matter where you are!

Better Connected is a UK-wide social club for adults with autism or learning difficulties. We organise online events through the week, and publish a quarterly community magazine.

Learn about our online groups

We run a wide range of online groups throughout the week. Our groups give you the chance to meet new people, explore your interests, or just have fun. There’s something for everyone!


Stretch your muscles and become more flexible.

Member-run Fun

Everyone has a chance to lead their own session. Anything could happen – and it usually does!

Better Connected Guideposts Craft Class

Arts and Crafts

Try something different every week, using every-day materials to create something unique!

Coach trip with Guideposts.

Relationship Workshops

Deborah from Informing Choices NI, talks through difficult situations.


(Coming soon)

A dedicated server just for the Better Connected community where you can build, craft and make friends.


Start the week with a session on learning relaxation techniques!

Tea & Biscuits

A chatty afternoon group, sometimes with a game or quiz.

Natter that Matters

Member-led group to catch up with what’s going on and discuss the hot topics of the day.

Read our magazine

The quarterly Better Connected magazine goes to all members, and is full of community news and activities to do at home with the family. Through the magazine you can share your news and photos, take part in competitions, and find out what’s on.

What members say

“It has been a difficult time, but having a chat for an hour with Guideposts each week has really helped because they really understand our needs and how hard it can be”

How to join

Sign up by selecting one of the membership options below. You can choose to subscribe to all of our services or just the magazine.

If you would like to subscribe as an organisation, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Full membership – £12.00 a month

1 issue of the Better Connected Magazine with Activity Pack will be sent every 3 months.

Full access to all of our online socials

VIP priority and discounts.

Our team

Anthony Garrett – Hub Coordinator

Originally trained as a jewellery designer and manufacturer, Anthony loves arts, crafts, and a wide range of music, from hardcore psychedelia to Rachmaninoff!

Nick Howley – Tech Lead

Nick has been working for Guideposts for five years and is the brains behind the Better Connected virtual hub! He loves to involve members in the design of the service, so he will take on any suggestions you have. Jazz piano, film-making, swimming and cycling are some of Nick’s many hobbies (when he’s not addicted to Minecraft)!


Who can join Better Connected?

We welcome anyone in the UK aged 18 or over who has additional needs when it comes to forming friendships. We can support people with mental health difficulties, Autism, Asperger’s or a learning disability.

If you are under 18 you can sign up for updates on the service here, and we will let you know when we set up an under-18s group.

How much does it cost?

You can choose to pay for:

  • Full membership (£12 a month) – this includes the quarterly magazine and access to our virtual events.
What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up, you can choose whether to become a full member of Better Connected or just subscribe to the magazine.

If you sign up for full membership:

  1. We’ll give you a New Member call to welcome you to the service and answer any questions you have
  2. We’ll ask for some extra information, such as emergency contact details, and whether you need any support with using technology.
  3. Finally, you’ll be invited to your first online session to welcome you, where you’ll be supported to meet and make friends with other new members.
What do I need to attend virtual events?

All you need is a computer or tablet with a microphone. If you want to appear on video, you’ll need a webcam too. You don’t need to install any special programs – all of our events are accessed through our members-only site.

Can I refer someone to your service?

Yes – simply fill out this referral form.


If you have any questions, contact us on or 07912 994165, or use the form below:

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