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Keep your brain active during isolation with the free puzzles listed below – from jigsaws and Sudoku to brain teasers and logic puzzles. This list looks at where you can play these games either on your own or with others – cooperatively or competitively!

If you know of any site or app that should be on here, please let us know by filling out this form.


  • Unlimited Sudoku games – choose your difficulty level
  • Available on the website and also as an app to play on your phone or Ipad

Sudoku 9×9

  • A free daily Sudoku challenge where you compete with everyone else to complete it in the fastest time


  • Website that allows you to work with other people online to complete a jigsaw
  • Wide range of jigsaws to choose from
  • Join an existing game or start your own game and invite your friends


  • Very clear interface that’s easy to use
  • Not multiplayer, but you can comment on Jigsaws and talk about them, and compete to solve a particular puzzle in the fastest time

Logic & Brain teasers

Puzzle Prime

  • Large collection of brain teasers that are free to play
  • Filter the challenges by difficulty level