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Right now, a wide range of artists and groups are starting to perform “virtually” by livestreaming over social media.

While there is a huge range of pre-recorded music and video that you can easily access online, there are lots of benefits to watching something live. When something is live, it feels more like an “event”, and it helps you to structure your day by knowing that something is going to happen at a certain time. In the list below we’ve collected together all of the livestreamed performances and platforms we know about, and highlighted where there’s an opportunity to chat to other event-goers during the event.

If you know of any service that should be on here, please let us know by filling out this form.


Metropolitan Opera

  • Nightly opera livestreams


  • Weekly classical music livestreams

Budapest Festival Orchestra

  • The Budapest Festival Orchestra is hosting a series of “Quarantine Soirees” over the next few weeks

Robert Myles – The Show Must Go On

  • Weekly readings of Shakespeare’s plays in the order in which they were believed to be written
  • Hosted on Youtube, so you can comment while it’s happening

The Showstoppers

  • The Showstoppers have livestreamed at least one of their musical and may continue to do so in the future
  • Hosted on Facebook, so you can comment during the performances and interact with others

Choir! Choir! Choir

  • Sing-along performances on a Tuesday night (1:00am UK time!)



  • Theatre performances that you can watch in VR
  • Subscription based (but only £6 a month)

Virtual Festival

  • This Facebook group is coordinating a series of live music performances over the next few weeks, to be streamed on Facebook, with viewers donating to the artists via Paypal to support them
  • You can comment and be part of the conversation
  • You’re encouraged to pay the artists to help support them


  • Livestreamed performances from artists
  • You can chat to other people watching the performances, and also ask the artist questions
  • This is a paid-for platform