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Do you want to brush up on a language you started at school, or learn an entirely new one? Learning another language opens up so many opportunities for travel, making new friends, and learning about other cultures. This page covers the free online resources you can use to learn a language – where to find someone to practise your speaking skills with.

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Free resources


  • A free and addictive app that focuses on learning the most important and often-used words in a given language

BBC Languages

  • A relatively old site but full of multimedia resources for learning languages

Open University

  • Wide range of courses available for free through the OpenLearn platform

Learn with others


  • Small group classes conducted over video chat
  • Structured courses for different levels
  • From around £8 per class

Learn with a tutor


  • A platform for finding tutors to teach you a language
  • 7,500 tutors covering 50 languages
  • Join a community of fellow language learners around the world


  • Over 10,000 language tutors to choose from
  • Learn any language

Rosetta Stone

  • Possibly the most well-known language learning platform
  • Tuition involves four sessions peer month with a Studio Coach, entirely in the language you are learning

Talk to a native speaker


  • A popular and free app for finding language exchange partners
  • Message potential partners and arrange when you want to talk
  • Also has a tutor search feature

You might also be interested in Pen Pal services which offer language exchanges.