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Textiles covers sewing, knitting and embroidery, and crafting is a bit of a catch-all term here and can include scrapbooking, card making, origami or other creative endeavours that fall outside of drawing, painting, and music.

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Scrapbooking | Card MakingOrigami |Bookbinding | Cross Stitch | Lino Printing | Weaving | Journals | Hanging Art | Paper Flowers | Balloon Garlands | Sewing | Knitting | Embroidery

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Scrapbook ideas – Tiffany Julia

  • Over 100 videos on scrapbooking ideas for beginners 
  • Videos range from 9 – 35 minutes in length 

Scrapbook tutorials – Alicia McNamara 

  • A collection of over 20 scrapbook tutorials for beginners 
  • Videos range from 4 – 14 minutes in length 

  • Choose from over 4000 videos on scrapbooks, cards and more 
  • Tutorials, tips, techniques suitable for beginners upwards 
  • Videos range from 1 to 16 minutes in length 

Card Making 

Card making – K Werner Design

  • Choose from over 1000 videos on card making, stamping and colouring 
  • Card making for every occasion from birthdays, valentines to the holidays 
  • Suitable for beginners upwards 

Card making – Jennifer McGuire Ink

  • Over 900 videos on card making 
  • Tutorials, tips and techniques for handmade cards 
  • Suitable for beginners upwards 

Card making and paper crafts – Own World

  • Choose from over 100 videos on card making, paper work, crafts and origami 
  • Card making tutorials, techniques and tips 
  • Suitable for beginners upwards 


Origami Tutorials  – Jo Nakashima

  • A collection of over 500 videos on Origami 
  • Videos range from 1 – 70 minutes in length 
  • Suitable from beginners upwards 

Origami Tutorials – Paper Kawaii

  • Choose from over 300 Origami tutorials videos 
  • Tutorials include how to make animals, boxes, flowers and much more 
  • Suitable from beginners to the more advanced 

Easy Paper Origami

  • Over 200 Origami tutorials step by step to make paper flowers, boats, butterflies to airplanes 
  • Suitable from beginners upwards 


Tutorial for beginners – Johanna Clough 

  • Bookbinding tutorial for beginners 
  • Tutorial provides a step by step guide to the art of bookbinding 

Bookbinding Methods & Stitches – Sea Lemon 

  • DIY bookbinding tutorials 
  • Tutorials on many different stitches and methods of bookbinding

Cross Stitch 

Cross Stitch for Beginners – Peacock & Fig 

  • Learn cross stitching for beginners 
  • A collection of 18 videos ranging from 1 – 16 minutes in length 

Cross Stitch Tutorials – Caterpillar Cross Stitch 

  • A collection of 17 videos on cross stitch quick tutorials  
  • Suitable for beginners upwards 

Cross Stitch for Beginners – MadeByMarzipan 

  • Learn cross stitching for beginners within this 9-minute video 
  • Other videos available such topics as craft, scrapbooking and sewing tutorials, lettering and hair accessories 

Lino Printing 

Lino Printing Tutorial – Eliott Lucas 

  • Tutorial video on lino printing 
  • Video is presented with fast forward sections so you see the whole process from drawing to printing 

Block Printing Linocuts – The Virtual Instructor 

  • Tutorial on lino block printing 
  • Other videos and playlists including pastel, oil painting, coloured pencil drawing, watercolour, acrylic painting, graphite pencil and charcoal drawing lessons 

Linocut Printmaking – Maarit Hanninen 

  • A collection of 7 videos on linocut and printing tutorials 
  • Videos range from 2 – 9 minutes in length 


Weaving for Beginners – Creativebug Studios 

  • A 5-part video collection on weaving for beginners 
  • Learn how to build your own loom, set up the warp threads, start weaving, change colours, add stripes, colour blocks and more complex techniques 

How to Weave – Shmoxd 

  • Learn how to make a homemade loom and wall hanging weave within this 12-minute introduction to weaving 

Pin Loom Weaving – Life.Love.Craft 

  • A collection of videos on the basic pin loom weaving for beginners 
  • Learn how to weave your first square, add beads and changing colours 


Journaling for Beginners – Johanna Clough 

  • A collection of 11 video tutorials on journaling for beginners  

How to Journal for Beginners – Natalies Outlet 

  • Learn how to journal for beginners within this 10-minute tutorial 

Journal with Me – Constance Goh 

  • Journal with me is a collection of 6 tutorial videos for beginners 
  • Videos range from 7 – 17 minutes in length 

Wall /Ceiling Hanging Art 

Wall Hangings – Arts & Crafts 

  • Over 40 video tutorials on paper-based wall hanging craft ideas 
  • Videos range from 3 – 35 minutes in length 

Wall Hanging Decorations – AS World 

  • Choose from over 30 different paper-based wall /ceiling hanging decorations 

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers – Ezzy Crafts DIY  

  • Over 100 videos on making paper flowers 
  • Tutorials cover how to make roses, carnations to daisies 

Paper Craft Flowers – SHAMMI Crafts 

  • Choice of over 80 tutorial videos on paper craft flowers 
  • Learn how to make Lilies, roses to marigolds 

Flower Making – DIY Paper Crafts 

  • Learn how to make crepe paper flowers including poppies, roses and tulips 
  • With over 100 video tutorials ranging from 3 – 17 minutes in length 

Balloon Garlands 

Balloon Garlands – Anastasia Onishchenko 

  • A collection of over 100 video tutorials on the art of balloon garlands 
  • Video choice by colour and theme 

Easy Balloon Garland – ClaCali 

  • An introduction video on DIY balloon garland and how to hang it 

Balloon Garlands – Ask Me For A Balloon 

  • A collection of over 20 garland tutorials in different colours and themes 


Sewing for Beginners – Angela Kane Sewing TV

  • A collection of sewing for beginners’ videos 
  • Learn the basics of sewing techniques 
  • Videos range from 2 – 7 minutes in length 

Sewing Projects for beginners – Sew Aldo

  • Over 50 videos on sewing projects for beginners 
  • Videos range from 3 – 25 minutes in length 

Beginners pattern making and sewing class – Savi’s Fashion Studio

  • Over 20 videos on pattern making and sewing for beginners 
  • Videos range from 4 – 20 minutes in length 


Knitting Tutorials – Very Pink Knits

  • Choose from over 600 videos on knitting tutorials, techniques to patterns 
  • Suitable from beginners upwards 

Knitting and Crochet Video Tutorials – New Stitch a Day

  • Over 1000 videos on knitting and crochet tutorials 
  • Suitable for beginners upwards with step by step instructions and techniques 

Knitting – GoodKnitKisses

  • A collection of over 70 videos on knitting with needles 
  • Videos range from 2 – 120 minutes in length 
  • Suitable for beginners upwards 


  • A collection of over 20 videos on getting started with embroidery 
  • Suitable for beginners upwards as you learn about needle and treads, stitches to flowers 

Beginners Embroidery – Shagufta Fyms

  • Over 90 videos on beginner’s embroidery 
  • Learn sewing tricks, types of embroidery stitches and more 

Hand Embroidery pattern for beginners – Crafts & Embroidery 

  • A collection of over 80 videos on hand embroidery pattern for beginners 
  • Videos range from 2 – 18 minutes in length