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Stuck at home and looking to learn a skill that could get you your next job? This is the perfect time to learn to code!

This is a guide to the best free resources out there for learning to code, taking you from no knowledge at all to having the skills and knowledge to secure your first coding job or simply make your own website. We’ve highlighted the sites that let you talk to fellow coders and ask questions – as with anything, it’s easier to learn something when you do it socially.

However, this guide isn’t just for adult learners – we’ve also listed some games that younger people can play to develop their coding skills.

Websites & communities to learn to code 


  • Interactive tutorials with no need to install a text editor 
  • Learn from the very beginning 
  • Learn Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, C++, Go, and fundamentals of computer science 


  • In-depth courses with a focus on learning through projects 
  • Earn certification that can help you get your first coding job 

Odin Project

  • A full-stack web development course that has been open-sourced by existing web developers 
  • Detailed curriculum that can take you from no knowledge to full-stack developer 
  • Join a community of coders, ask questions, and share projects 


CodeNewbie describe themselves as “the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code”. Their community features:

  • Regular twitter chats to ask questions and share your projects
  • A Slack group for members of the community
  • Weekly challenges to sign up to and keep you motivated

Women Who Code

  • An international community for women coders
  • Members get access to dedicated resources and coding job board

Educational games 

Blocky Games

  • A series of free educational games that teach programming 
  • Suitable for children and adults 


  • A free visual, drag-and-drop programming language 
  • Suitable from secondary school to college age students 
  • Click Run Snap! To start learning 


  • Free program that allows you to create your own interactive stories, games, and animations  
  • Designed for ages 8 to 16 but is used by people of all ages

  • Learn coding skills with a range of “hour of code” tutorials 
  • Tutorials for different age groups primary school to secondary school 

Barefoot Computing

  • Free learning activities and interactive games for families 
  • Suitable for children aged 5 – 11 years