Thanks for signing up for the Guideposts Global Challenge!

By taking part and becoming one of our growing team of Global Challenge trailblazers we hope you will have fun, raise money and help us to change lives!

Collectively we want to virtually travel around the world – 21,976 miles. Each person taking part will do the miles they want and raise money online from friends, family and connections as they go.

Getting started is simple, you just need two things: a fundraising page, and a way to track your mileage. This guide will cover both!

Next Step: Set up your fundraising page

Once you’ve signed up, you can start your fundraising page here:

We also have a handy guide for what to say on your fundraising page, and the best ways to promote it to raise as much as possible. Download it here:

Last Step: Track your mileage and start collecting donations!

We will use a website called MyVirtualMission to track your miles. It can connect automatically to a variety of apps or you can add your miles manually. Your miles will be added to a live totaliser, along with everyone else competing – and here you can track our journey across the world.

You can signup here to start logging your miles:
(Click ‘Join’ and then register your details to join us on the global challenge!)

And remember – if you get stuck at any point, just email us on! We would be happy to help.

From all of us on the Guideposts team,
Thank you!