Dig ‘N’ Grow

From their purposefully designed garden in Witney, Dig ‘N’ Grow equips adults with learning disabilities with new skills such as planting, woodwork, nature crafts and cooking, all in a safe and social setting.

What can happen in a session?

We have a rolling programme of seasonal and purposeful activities. You will be able to choose what you would like to do in each session. Our staff will provide specific support that meets your individual needs.
A session might include: Planting & growing bulbs, flowers, veg or herbs; Sowing seeds, pricking out, potting on; Woodwork, willow weaving & crafts; Health walks & trips out; Seasonal celebrations; Watering, dead-heading, general plant care; Composting, weeding, pruning, digging; Soft wood, hard wood & root cuttings; Cooking garden produce.

Why is Horticulture so good?

We do a variety of activities all year round, even in the winter months, these include all aspects of gardening, as well as arts & crafts, woodwork, and general garden maintenance. The benefits of just being outdoors, and near nature, can be quite surprising. Research suggests that ‘Biophilia’, the bond between humans and nature, produces surprising results, and is one of the best ways to relax, de-stress and feel a sense of wholeness.

There is, of course, no pressure to do things you don’t want to do while at the dig ‘n’ grow project. In fact, you might be very surprised at the results, if you give it a chance! We are even surprised ourselves, as little bits of magic happen almost daily in our garden, it’s a bit like Hogwarts with Horticulture.

“Since James has been attending Dig ‘N’ Grow he has benefited in many way. He strongly connects with the vocational side of things, he is proud to be doing a job that helps others. He’s also improved his dexterity and coordination through his gardening work. Perhaps more importantly, James has developed personal and professional relationships; friendships he might otherwise not have made without the close and positive community found through Dig ‘N’ Grow.”

(Health care professional)

Our main objectives in a nutshell

  • Provide enduring relationships with professionals
  • Maintain a holistic approach
  • Provide long-term intervention and therapeutic relationships
  • Provide a safe, secure and sensory appropriate environment
  • Build knowledge through purposeful and directed person-centred activities
  • Provide time and space for both social inclusion and individual work as appropriate
  • Focus on skills, aspirations and personal development
  • Work with well trained, skilled professionals

The project is situated on the Bromag Industrial Estate in Witney; this is quite unique as many Horticultural therapy gardens are found in rural locations and in walled gardens. GPT inherited the site in May 2012 and set about designing and building the garden in order to turn it into a safe, welcoming, therapeutic space.
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