Our vision is of a society where all people are valued and have equality of opportunity.

Guideposts’ exists to provide services to meet individual needs so that each person has the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and maximise their potential. We seek to achieve excellence in our work and lead the way in researching, delivering and disseminating good practice.

Put simply: we are Here for You and will continue to strive to be here for you and your family in more meaningful and personalised ways in the future.



To deliver our vision Guideposts mission is to:-

  • Break Barriers – within society caused by misperceptions, prejudice, oversight or lack of provision.
  • Build Bridges – with essential information, resource, services and therapeutic approaches to help people manage their needs and connect with their communities.
  • Create Connections so people have the opportunity to enjoy independence in all aspects of their lives – home, families, friends, leisure, learning and work so they can be an active member of society.

The charity achieves it’s mission by delivering a range of information, advice and guidance and community based services which are person centred and designed to promote independence, wellbeing, quality of life and delay the need for intensive interventions.



It all started when Raymond Cripps, a journalist and publisher for a small weekly newspaper in Witney, Oxfordshire came across a story that intrigued him: three young men from Germany had travelled to Coventry to help rebuild the crypt in the Cathedral that their fathers had destroyed in WWII. Raymond hoped to write the story for his newspaper and thus went to Coventry to meet with them.

Raymond wanted this account of compassion in action to get the readership it deserved. He had heard of a publication in America called Guideposts, which specialised in such stories. His article was published and he received a cheque and a subscription to the magazine. The magazine contained stories about about people finding faith and using faith to help them through life’s challenges and problems. Raymond began to wonder if the possibility of a British Guideposts magazine would be viable.

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