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Better Connected

Better Connected

Better Connected is a fun, safe, and social club for people with learning disabilities and autism that you can join from home!
Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

The Emotional Wellbeing Coaching service can help you if you are struggling with difficult life circumstances such as a bereavement, a significant life transformation or caring responsibilities.
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Emotional Wellbeing Pathway

Guideposts Emotional Wellbeing Pathway offers structured coaching to help you come to terms with changes in your life, identify what’s not working, or things you want to achieve.
Guideposts Radio Shows

Guideposts Radio Shows

Listen in on Saturdays for the Community Show and every other Sunday for Lights up, a show for people living with dementia, their families and friends.
INTERACT Workshops

INTERACT Workshops

The Fearless course is a series of online interactive workshops to explore what relationships are, how to manage them, emotions within relationships, and how to keep ourselves safe.
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Never Seen, Never Been – Trips

Inspiring day trips and experiences for people living with learning disabilities, including adventurous day trips and longer breaks in 2023.

Online Zoom Groups

These groups are open for you to join, to connect with others from home and share your experience with others in a similar situation. All are welcome, even if you haven’t been to Guideposts groups before.

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