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Paul’s Blogs

Paul Hicks is a volunteer at Guideposts. He has been volunteering with the team in Witney since 2016 and works across many of our services including Mates n Dates, Dig n Grow and GLADS. He also helps plan events such as campaigns on loneliness and isolation and to celebrate Pride Month.

Among his many talents, Paul is a brilliant writer and regularly writes for Guideposts. He likes to write about topics that he is passionate about and has direct experience of, including, Autism Spectrum Condition, mental health, LGBTQI+ and photography.

Paul is keen runner and cyclist and loves being outdoors and around nature.

You can read all of Paul’s brilliant blogs below.

Men and Mental Health

19 November 2020
I feel that men’s mental health is an important topic and hopefully it will help other people to start talking about their own mental health.

World Mental Health Day

09 October 2020
Paul continues his blog series to reflect on World Mental Health Day and his own experience ending mental health stigma.

World Photography Day: The Surprise Garden Visitor

18 August 2020
I decided to clean the patio when something small and green started moving towards me! I was unsure as to what this was but as soon as it stopped moving its identity unfolded before me.

Love on the Spectrum

05 August 2020
Love on the Spectrum is a reality television show following young adults on the autistic spectrum as they try to find that special someone. Paul shares his thoughts on the programme.

Wellbeing during Lockdown

01 July 2020
Paul shares how he has looked after his wellbeing during lockdown, from having a routine to getting creative and enjoying nature.

Mental Health and LGBT Awareness in Oxfordshire

23 June 2020
As we celebrate Pride Month, I wanted to take a look back at a few examples of how I have contributed towards mental health and LGBT awareness in Oxfordshire.

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