Need some help and support? 

Or perhaps you know exactly what you want, but are struggling to find the motivation to get up every day and do what needs to be done. 

There’s a world of support out there, but it can be hard to navigate. 

Whatever you’re facing, our team of trained information coordinators can recommend the right support for you. 

HERE For You can help 

HERE For You offers a range of person-centred support, according to your needs.  

Our Information Coordinators are skilled in having the right conversations with you, including helping you identify your needs, prioritise issues and explore options based on relevant information about locally available and affordable activities. We aim to enable you to feel more in control of your lifestyle by supporting you to make your own choices and decisions about your health and wellbeing.  

Our team of information coordinators are aware of many organisations, clubs and activities in your area. They will enable you see the opportunities and possibilities available to you in meeting your needs and achieving your goals. The information coordinators will also help you design a set of personalised solutions in the form of an Information Prescription, a Wellbeing Pathway or Support Plan. 

Who will benefit from HERE For You? 

  • You’re struggling to get out of the house due to mobility problems 
  • You’re a carer for someone but don’t have any time to yourself and finding it hard to cope 
  • You feel lonely or isolated and want to try something new but lack confidence 
  • You’re trying to manage a mental health problem and need some extra support  
  • You are having difficulties with you finances or housing situation and want to know what support you can get 
  • You are motivated to make a change but need support to do so 

What support do we offer? 

We all have individual strengths, but sometimes it’s hard to identify them ourselves 

The HERE For You team draws on the charity’s long experience of working with people living with long term health conditions and complex personal situations, to provide expertise on the support options available. 

However, our service goes beyond signposting you to other organisations. We will work with you to find solutions to situations that stop you getting the support you need, whether you are: 

  • Struggling in one way or another to manage some of your emotional and social problems 
  • Socially isolated or lonely 
  • Lacking in confidence 
  • Experiencing mental health problems 
  • Living with a long term health condition. 

Through our Community Link service we can make the first contact with a new group on your behalf, or accompany you to your first session to help break the  ice.  

Our Emotional Wellbeing Pathway and Wellbeing Coach supports you to identify what changes you want to make to meet your need. We enable you to identify your goals and develop strategies to achieve them. 

Our Support Planning service involves working with you to help coordinate your journey, whether you are a carer or have been diagnosed with a long term health condition.

How to access our service

The easiest way to access our service is to call us on:

0300 555 2709
Lines are open 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday.

Alternatively, visit the HERE For You website at

Here you can:

  • Learn more about our services
  • Message us for support via web chat
  • Refer someone else to us via our referral form.

Finally, email us on