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Our Dig ‘N’ Grow Gardeners were inspired by RSPB Love Nature and have been busy giving nature a home this week. We thought we’d share with you the words of the people we support following the completion of their project!

We cleaned it all up and put piles of wood for the ants and bugs. We planted flowers, they are growing big and the flowers are now coming through. We made holes in the wood for the bees and they’ll make honey.

Dig ‘N’ Grow Gardener B

When asked how B felt after he finished the project he said –

I felt happy because we gave the bees, ants and the birds homes….I dug the ground to clear the weeds and make it good for something else to grow. I used a drill for making the bee house’s.

Dig ‘N’ Grow Gardener B

When asked how T felt after he finished the project he said –

It gave me something to do during the day, I like to be out and doing things and I’m happy they have somewhere to live.

Dig ‘N’ Grow Gardener T

He went on to explain what the project involved and who it was for –

We put pictures on a sign of the flowers that we planted to decorate the garden. The flowers are good for robins, blackbirds and little creatures. We made a bird house for the robins and tiny holes for the bees.

Dig ‘N’ Grow Gardener T

When asked how R felt after she finished the project she said –

Wonderful because it looks beautiful and the bird houses will keep them warm because it’s really cold outside.

Dig ‘N’ Grow Gardener R

You can find out more about our Dig ‘N’ Grow project here

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