“The Pandemic has caused profound stresses on Carers like me. We’ve been unable to meet as usual but the daily video call sessions that Guideposts run have been amazing, I don’t know how they do it”

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Helping Carers cope through the Covid-19 crisis

2020 has been a tough year for many, but for those caring for loved ones with a disability, mental health condition or dementia, there have been additional challenges.

Guideposts has provided vital support for our Carer community through 2020 by:

  1. Increasing our helpline capacity. The Guidepost Information Service ( 0800 0487035 ) has been an essential support service for Carers during lockdown and we’ve supported 40% more people over this time. 
  2. Adapting to support our community groups remotely. Many of the places our community groups usually meet have been closed, so we rapidly moved much of our support work to video conferences and telephone calls. We have delivered over 1,500 activity packs to our members and made over 1,000 support calls. 
  3. Continue to run our day opportunity centres, where possible. In our centres we care for those with acute needs and giving valuable respite for carers.

The emotional and practical support we give is all made possible by your kind donations.

The increased burden of the impact of Covid-19 on Carers has:

Left 66% of carers exhausted and worn out
63% of Carers are experiencing worsening mental health
58% of Carers have seen a negative impact on their physical health

None of us know what the next few months will bring, but with your support Guideposts will continue to be there to help our Carer community through this crisis and into 2021

Pat’s Story

Pat first sought support from Guideposts a few years ago to help her cope through the challenges of caring for her son who has autism, OCD and learning difficulties. She describes the support Guideposts has given her throughout the years as a ‘lifeline’ and often says that it does not bear thinking about what her life would have been without such support. More recently, her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s which means she now cares for her husband too.

As with all the Carers we support, Guideposts kept in close contact with Pat during lockdown. During one of our calls, she asked if we could help her understand how to care for her husband’s developing Dementia by organising online support sessions. Guideposts staff pulled together and in no time, the first session was organised.

Ever since, a group of over 40 carers have been meeting regularly to share information and experiences on a chosen topic. Guest speakers have included Dementia advocates, writers, music and occupational therapists which the attending carers have hugely benefited from. Pat regularly tells the Guideposts team that she and the other carers have found this invaluable and how much of a positive difference this makes to their lives.

92% of the Carers that Guideposts have supported have said our work is a ‘genuine lifeline’

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By giving to our Caring At Christmas Appeal, you will help us continue to support Carers, which enables them to give the best possible care for their loved ones.


Every year, over 2.1 million adults become carers. Guideposts is there to help.

Guideposts is there to support people living with mental health problems, disability, or caring responsibilities to have a better quality of life by enabling them to strengthen their emotional wellbeing and be a part of their local communities.

Set up in 1972 in Witney, Oxfordshire, we now provide in person services across Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire, alongside virtual services which allow people to connect anywhere. We also run a national support line ( 0800 0487035 ) which offers information, support and signposting.

8 in 10 carers say they feel less lonely or socially isolated and their wellbeing has improved as a result of receiving our support.

  • Personalised information and guidance
    Free support by phone or email, access to local guidance, and support planning advice for Carers.
  • Community support groups
    Regular Carers support groups that enable Carers to access much needed practical and emotional support. Social opportunities for Carers and their loved one which provide an environment to have fun together and meet new friends; offering a much-needed break for Carers.
  • Development of new support programmes
    Support the development of our wellbeing coaching programme for carers.

Are you a carer looking for help?

The Guideposts Information Service (GIS) can help you feel more supported, less isolated, and in better control of your own health and wellbeing. Call us on 0800 0487035, or see The Guidepost Information Service for more information.

Thank you from all of us at Guideposts. Your support means the world to us.