Stay Creative: Colourful Elephants

24 April 2020

Guideposts team member, Monika, who works in our services in Hertfordshire has shared a brilliant creative activity, elephants made from used plastic milk bottles.

Monika said, “The elephant is an activity for my son, who has spent far too much time playing computer games during lockdown! It is easy to make and can be customised any way you want. It has some therapeutic benefits as it takes some time to attach all the elephant patches.”

The craft is based on the well-known patchwork elephant in the story ‘Elmer’ written by of David McKee. Elmer is a wonderfully bright and colourful elephant which is what makes this such a fun craft project. If you’ve never read Elmer you can see it on YouTube.

How to make your own elephant

First cut out the shape of the elephant using the top part of the milk jug.

Next, prepare lots of squares of different coloured paper. Monika used tissue paper that she had at home. You could use old wrapping paper or patterned kitchen towel. Be as creative as you want with lots of colours and patterns.

Then get your glue ready. You can use PVA glue with a paintbrush or a glue stick.

Next start sticking your squares around the elephant. It can be totally random or in a pattern, its up to you and how you want your elephant to look.

Finally, add your final details of ears and eyes with glue or sticky tape. Googly eyes are great fun if you have some but if you don’t you can create your own with white paper and a black marker pen.

And there you have it! A wonderfully bright and cheery new pet for your house!

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