Pledge Your Support to Guideposts’ Big Give Campaign

07 August 2020

Join our campaign to support the Guideposts gardening programme and help us improve wellbeing in Witney.

Guideposts is seeking pledges from local businesses, organisations and individuals as part of the Big Give’s matched funding initative. Can you pledge a donation today?

What is The Big Give?

The Big Give is a match funding initiative which doubles donations to charities. Each year, the Big Give runs a Christmas Challenge – an annual match funding campaign which raises millions of pounds for good causes and this year Guideposts is one of them!

What is Guideposts Fundraising For?

Our campaign aims to sow the seeds for better wellbeing by raising funding so that 50 people to attend a six week gardening to wellbeing programme.

Witney Mayor, Joy Aitman visiting the Hub

How Does the Big Give Work?

During August Guideposts seeks businesses, organisations and individuals to donate to our matching pot. This matching pot is then doubled thanks to the Big Give’s champions.

Then in December Guideposts will take part in a week long Christmas Challenge, where we ask our supporters to donate to our campaign. The money in our matching pot is then used to double these donations.

Matched funding is a proven way to help raise more money for vital causes. By pledging now and helping us to build up our matching pot you will not only be giving the gift of greater wellbeing to Guideposts service users but also helping us to increase donations and support in December!

You can pledge as little as £5 or up to £1,125!

Watch this short video from the Big Give for a more detailed explanation:

What Does your Gift Support?

We want to raise money so that 50 people can attend our six week gardening to wellbeing programme which is run by our Dig n Grow service at the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub in Witney.

Dig n Grow

Dig n Grow gives adults the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the fresh air while developing skills and relationships in a relaxed and social environment.

Dig n Grow is for adults who are living with learning difficulties, head injury or who need wellbeing support.

Dig and Grow is a place that people can:

  • Improve wellbeing and self esteem
  • Develop motor and social skills
  • Make new friendships
  • Feel more calm and optimitic
  • Improve their mobility and physical heath
  • Feel more relaxed and less stressed
  • Create positive memories.

Any Questions?

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, want more information or need help making you pledge please contact Tania,