Mental Health and Kindness

21 May 2020

This week is mental health awareness week so we spoke to our team in Watford who run our mental health work at Henry Smith House. We asked for their expert advice and thoughts on the importance on mental health and kindness particularly during a global pandemic.

The importance of mental health

“Your thoughts determine your actions,” said Tracey. “If your mental wellbeing is not great, then your thoughts will not be great and so how you approach things in your life will show that.”

Tips for caring for your mental health

Jane’s top tip is to keep active, “It helps to be more physically active,” she said. “I’ve started walking round in circles around the house and I look a bit daft but it definitely improves my mental health. I try to encourage people to go out and get fresh air and exercise.”

The team also noted the importance of just talking to people about how you’re feeling. “Sometimes people just want to offload how they’re feeling it’s nice to express your emotions to whoever you trust.”

“The positive and the negative works together,” said Nice. Who suggested that pretty much anything can be helpful for your mental health, “Relaxing, talking meditating, screaming, crying, laughing, singing, talking, running, shaking – shake off all your anxiety and fear and emotions.”

“It’s important to keep some routine, whether you’re working or not. Most of Henry Smith House’s members have a routine in place,” Jane added.

Rhea said that she is watching old comedy programmes and has started filming videos for Tik Tok, because laughter and fun are so important.

How can we be kind?

“Don’t judge, have empathy and have a lot of balance with people,” said Tracey. “Be understanding.”

“You get a lot of positives yourself by being kind to other,” said Jane. “You can’t change people’s condition but we can lift them a bit by just meeting for coffee.”

“You can win with kind words, you can motivate people with kind words,” Bina added.

Everyone agreed that it was vital to be kind to yourself too and look after yourself.

You can find out more about Henry Smith House, including contact details if you want to refer someone for support or you can donate to support our work here.