Celebration of Spring

27 April 2020

To celebrate this wonderful season and the hope it brings in an unsettled time we’re holding a spring art exhibition.

Anyone can join in. Your art can be anything you want, from a painting or photo to a poem or dance – as long as your inspiration comes from spring.  

We will display everybody’s wonderful art in our Celebration of Spring gallery below and share it with the Guidepost Community on social media.

To submit your entries, either pass them to your service leader or support worker or you can email them direct to info@guideposts.org.uk with the subject line Celebration of Spring.

Celebration of Spring Gallery

Lorraine, Hertfordshire
Susan, Hertfordshire
Nicola, Hertfordshire
Matt, Oxfordshire
Debbie, Hertfordshire
Anna, Hertfordshire
Jess, Hertfordshire
Marie-Eva, Oxfordshire
Daniel, Hertfordshire
Michelle, Hertfordshire
Sue, Hertfordshire

Beryl, Hertfordshire

Daniel, Hertfordshire
David, Hertfordshire
Michelle, Hertfordshire
Jane, Herfordshire
Esther, Oxfordshire
Lorraine, Hertfordshire