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Better Connected – Choose membership

Sign up to Better Connected

As a Better Connected member, you can choose to subscribe to all of our services or just the magazine:

Magazine-only – £6.00 a month

1 issue of Better Connected every month

Includes activities, puzzles, and gifts

Full membership – £12.00 a month

1 issue of Better Connected every month

Full access to all of our online socials

VIP priority and discount on local meet-ups and events

Are you aged 18 or over?

Your email address

If you are under 18, please enter your email address below – we’ll update you when we have started an under-18s group that you can join!

Make a referral

Please download the referral form below and email it to

One of our team members will follow up by contacting the service user or the relevant family member or carer by phone to assess whether our support is suitable.

If you have any questions about the referral process, you can contact us by email using the address above, or by phone on 07912 994165.

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