What is it like to live with a disability?

We talk so much about the achievements of the people in our community, it can be hard to remember the struggles they overcome to get there. In aid of #DisabilityPrideMonth here’s a reminder from one of our community.

Living with any disability or long term health condition is hard work! Even daily tasks such as showering and cooking can be difficult, and that’s before you even start thinking about education, work and leisure activities.

It’s hard for a person who is well and not disabled to imagine the difficulties that a disabled and/or ill person faces on a daily basis. If you try this experiment it will give you some idea of the challenges we face every day:

Pen Pals

1. Write your name on a piece of paper. How easy was that?

2. Put a blindfold on and write your name again… not as easy

3. Now, keeping the blindfold on, write your name with your other hand… difficult. Takes more energy and concentration, and still might not be legible!

4. Imagine the tasks and activities you do during the day being this difficult, the amount of energy and concentration required, and it will give you some insight into the challenges and barriers that people with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions have to face… forever.

I came across this experiment on a Disability Awareness Course many years ago, before my own health conditions became disabling. It was deeply moving and it’s stuck in my mind ever since.

I hope this helps in raising awareness of what it’s like to live with a disability or chronic health condition.

It takes massive determination and courage to keep on going, despite the challenges and structural inequality that we face everyday.

Be proud!


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