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Guideposts Global Challenge Gathers Momentum!

The national lockdown has prevented Guideposts Trust from carrying out our traditional fundraising activities, so we have launched a virtual fundraising adventure – the Guideposts Global Challenge. We are on a mission to travel 21,976 miles by the end of 2021 – enough to virtually travel all the way around the world and we are looking for supporters who are up for a challenge to take part. The aim is to raise £25,000, funds that are critical to enabling us to carry on improving the lives of people living with mental health issues, disabilities and caring responsibilities.

Since launch, our unique fundraising challenge has captured the attention of the media, celebrities, local companies, service users and supporters alike. We’ve built a growing team of over 50 people who have so far travelled a combined distance of over 5,600 miles – that’s enough to finally get us to Milestone 8: New Delhi, India!

The momentum that the challenge has gathered is huge, but we still have a long way still to go and would love your help in completing it. To date, we’ve raised just over £3,300 (inc Gift Aid) of our £25,000 target to date.

Guideposts Global Challenge in the Press

Listen to our radio interview on St Albans Drive, Radio Verulam and discover more about the Challenge, or listen below

Our challenge has also been covered in the Oxford Mail, in an article entitled Mr Motivator backs Witney charity’s fitness challenge [Oxford Mail].

Support from Businesses

Businesses are also getting involved. Busy Life is an award winning company which focuses on disability, sport and smiling through adversity. They sell products with empowering and inspiring designs that champion diversity and inclusion. Each month, Busy Life donate a proportion of their sales to a worthy cause and we were delighted that in March they picked Guideposts. They also decided to get on board our Global Challenge and they’ve even written a blog about it entitled, The Guideposts Global Challenge [BusyLife].

To learn more, or take part in the #GuidepostsGlobalChallenge, you can sign up here!

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