Which coronavirus information should I trust?

Updated: 30 March 2021

After many months of the Covid-19 crisis, there is a wealth of information available across the internet about the virus and the associated developments affecting our lives. There is so much information now that it can be hard to find the relevant and trustworthy sources.

Should you trust what you’re reading?

When reading websites, news or social media posts, consider

  • What is the source of the information?
  • What is the date of the article or post?
  • “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

Anonymous sources and stories that seem unbelievable should make you question if they are true, and information that was published some time ago may not be thought to be true any more, as knowledge about the virus and government policies have changed over the months.

There are fact-checking websites that you can use to check something that you are unsure of: www.fullfact.org is a good UK-based fact checker; but if feeling overwhelmed or confused, always go back to a trustworthy source.

Official Sources

The official Government and NHS websites are where we go to first for reliable sources of information.  These are some of the pages that we find most useful:

About Coronovirus or Covid-19: links to the main official sources for information about the virus (NHS linking to WHO, GOV.UK and PHE)

NHS Comprehensive health information including symptoms, testing, treating, and vaccination.

Coronovirus (Covid-19) in Oxfordshire: including how services are affected, support available, and volunteering. https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/council/coronavirus-covid-19

Gloucestershire Covid-19 Information and Advice, including changes to services, help available, and FAQs.   https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/covid-19-information-and-advice/

Hertfordshire Service Updates 

Hertfordshire FAQs including shielding support and community groups.

Getting a Coronovirus test

Vaccines and Vaccination: NHS Guidance https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/coronavirus-vaccine/  

National Lockdown (England) Stay at Home Rules from GOV.UK 

Update to Restrictions on 29 March 2021 from GOV.UK

The Roadmap out of Lockdown from GOV.UK

Things to be aware of:

You will never be asked to pay for a Covid-19 vaccination (Local Government Association): https://www.local.gov.uk/spread-word-about-covid-19-vaccine-scam-protect-family-and-friends-councils-urge

These pages may also be useful:

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