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The Big Give 2020

Thank you for everything you do for Harvey – he loves coming to Guideposts, and is always happy when he comes home

Claire Grealis, Harvey’s carer

Help Guideposts change the lives of people with disabilities, autism & mental health issues facing social exclusion. With COVID-19 making it difficult to support people safely indoors, our gardening programme is improving people’s mental wellbeing, self-worth, skills, and resilience.

What are we raising money for?

We’re aiming to raise £4,250 to support 50 people to take part in our outdoor wellbeing programme at Paradise Fields, Oxfordshire.

This is a six-week programme focussed on gardening and adapted to the needs of each individual. Each person who takes part in our programme will have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people – and spend some quality time outdoors!

Why is our programme needed?

The people we support can often face exclusion due to having a learning disability or mental health disorder. Through our outdoor wellbeing programme, they can build essenial practical and social skills to help them in the workplace.

Evidence also shows that engaging in horticultural activities can have a positive impact on your mental health. Our programme offers a chance for those we support to improve their wellbeing in a difficult time and join a supportive network of friends.

Where your money will go


goes toward the rent of the gardening site


goes towards adapted tools and protected clothing for gardeners


goes towards employing trained support staff

How does the Big Give work?

The Big Give is a week of donations running from 1st – 8th December 2020.

During this time, any donation you make will be doubled. Donating just £10 means that £20 will go towards supporting our service users!

To meet our target of £4,250, we need to raise £2,125 during Big Give week!

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