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Guideposts Radio Show

At Guideposts we’re all about community – about bringing people together and having fun. This lockdown makes that hard but one great way that everyone can join together, no matter where they are, is through the radio – and so that’s what we’ve done.

The Guideposts Radio show is an exciting new programme hosted by DJ Simon on Windrush Radio, where the Guideposts community pick their favourite songs, and we all dance along together at home.

Tim, who heads up our services in Oxfordshire, told us more about what makes the show so special.

“All songs are chosen by the people we support, their parents and carers and Guideposts staff. There’s normally between 12 and 14 songs on per week and is a complete mix and match of tracks that people love. It’s a great way to help and support people and it gives everyone something to look forward to especially as lockdown has been challenging for many of the families.

“It’s making a real difference to the people we support – they are excited when they hear their names mentioned it’s great – a really good confidence boost and makes them happy during what is a difficult time.

“The music is great too – we normally have 50 requests each week so we’ve even had to lengthen the show – it’s now an hour but we still can’t play every song! And we’ve also been able to showcase what we are doing locally and how we support people not just in Oxfordshire but also Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire.

“We want to say a massive thank you to Simon for making this show happen and making a huge difference to the people we support lives. All the feedback is amazing so a huge THANK YOU to him.”

The show is by hosted on Windrush Radio – a local station in Witney, Oxfordshire but you can listen online anywhere. Listen live on Saturdays at 11am or whenever you’re free on catch up.

Past Episodes

16 May

9 May

2 May

25 April

18 April

11 April

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