What is Mates ‘n’ Dates?

People with learning disabilities want to be the same as everybody else. This means they want friends, and maybe a partner too. This is a basic human right, and that is why Mates ‘n’ Dates was created, to help make this a reality for people.

People with learning disabilities want to make choices about what they do, where they go, and who they spend time with, just like everyone else does. This is why Mates ‘n’ Dates members tell us what kind of activities they want, and then we help you to do those activities.

We have a team of members, staff, and volunteers, called a committee, who meet up every other month, to share ideas, and talk about ways to run Mates ‘n’ Dates better.

Mates ‘n’ Dates has now been open for 8 years, and has over 350 members. Read more about how Mates ‘n’ Dates began here.

Mates ‘n’ Dates holds lots of regular small and big events all across Oxfordshire, to help people find friends, and a relationship, if that is what people want. Our members tell us these are their favourite events to come to, because they are so much fun!

Some of the small events we run:

* Karaoke nights             * Meals to restaurants
* Singles nights               * Speed dating
* Picnics                            * Bowling
* Walks                              * Quiz nights

Some of the big events we run:

* Big annual Ball
* A gig night in Oxford
* Barn dance

Who better to tell you about Mates ‘n’ Dates than the members themselves?

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